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Welcome to Soul Reapers, where our mission is saving souls for the Lord

Welcome to Soul Reapers Worship Center International were our mission is to win back the lost souls with a vision to equip the saved to be kingdom minded and relevant in this world. We invite you to be our guest this Sunday and also to join us in the soul winning business. Reaping souls from every culture, every tribe, every tongue and every nation is what we do.


Hello friends,
Iam persuaded of better things that the lord will bring your way because of the support you continue to render towards the work of God. I want to make a passionate request concerning our building project.  We have at present committed $200,000.00 and will need the sum of $155,000.00 between now and December to help us break ground and lay the foundation in April 2014. We believe God... by faith for this money, hence Dr. Bose Ndukwe has pledged her latest gospel video and audio CD to be given for any donation of $25.00 and above towards our building project. This donation is also tax deductible. This is what I'm asking you to do. Please send our website link to all your friends on your email mailing list/facebook or twitter accounts to visit our website, click the Give online tab and donate. We will mail the CDs to their registered address. Thanking you in advance as you join hands with us to make this campaign a success. I pray God's blessings on you. Shalom!
Dr. Okoji Ndukwe

Support our building fund drive with a gift of $25.00 or more and receive Dr Bose's CD /DVD. U R THE ONE I KNOW.

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Please call us at: 919 833-4546 

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Soul Reapers

1221 Corporation Pkwy

Raleigh, NC 27610


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3670 Bastion Lane

Raleigh NC 27604


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Celebrate with us this Sunday the grace that comes from knowing Christ. 

Join us @ 3515 Maitland Drive Raleigh Nc 27604 every Wednesday for School of Wisdom bible study. Time is 7PM. A time of supernatural encounter awaits you every Friday during our anointed Fridays prayer service. Time is 6PM

Pastor's Corner

We began a new teaching series on the plan and provisions of God. Today we begin with the topic that says, "GOD HAS PLANS FOR YOUR LIFE". Some times this truth is hard and difficult to embrace but it is very true in the light of the word of God in Jeremiah 29:11 that says, I know the thought I think towards you. It's the thought of good to give you an expected end. No matter where you are in life God still thinks about you and has good plans for you. Life issues and storms can never stop the plan of God for your life. I am persuaded to tell you that where you are now is part of God's plan to bring you to where you need to be. Be of good cheer.

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